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When I began this blog almost two years ago, I thought it would be mostly about how adoptive families can incorporate their child’s birth culture into their everyday lives. But it’s evolved into something more.

So, I’ve decided to start another blog that will be only on Korean culture and provide resources for adoptive families. My plan is to have a short post every day for the next year. Each day of the week will have a dedicated theme that will only be interrupted if a Korean holiday falls on that day. Then I’ll post about the holiday. Here’s what the schedule will look like.

Sunday-Food (recipes and food web sites)
Monday-Places to See (travel tips)
Tuesday-Language (Web sites and other language tools)
Wednesday-Books (for both parents and children)
Friday- Television and Movies (again for both parents and children)
Saturday- Whatever Comes Up (educational resources, for example)

This blog will continue to be what it’s become–a recording of our adoption journey, my thoughts on international/transracial adoption, and cultural resources that I want to share. But since this blog has become more about our journey and my opinions, I thought it would be fun to do a site dedicated only to Korean culture.

You can find this new culture blog at thekoreanway.wordpress.com. It will start today, March 13, which is the anniversary date of our adoption journey. I would love to hear about and pass on any Korean resources you’ve found. So if you have something to share, you can e-mail me at the address in the right-hand column.

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Just a reminder that if you want to learn more about Korean culture (both traditional and pop culture), language resources, and cooking, check out my other blog: thekoreanway.wordpress.com It's filled with resources for adoptive families or anyone interested in Korean culture.

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