What’s for Dinner?

Tonight we’re chanting, “Hurry, mama, hurry, got to chop, chop, chop; hungry, hungry, hungry for some bi bim bap.” (That’s from Linda Sue Park’s adorable picture book Bi Bim Bap, for those who don’t recognize it.)

In the last few months, I’ve gotten much more willing to try new Korean recipes. Basically that happened because I was craving bi bim bap and couldn’t afford to out to dinner that night. So I searched the Internet and found a recipe that tastes almost identical to the bi bim bap at my favorite Korean restaurant.

For a girl who wasn’t a very adventureous eater growing up, it’s impressive. I didn’t even eat Chinese food until I was in college. Once I tried making bi bim bap and it was really good, I became more confident and willing to try other recipes. Next up, I want to try kimbap.

Food is a great way to incorporate birth culture. While it may not be exactly the same, if you use authentic recipes from cooks from the birth country, you’ll probably be pretty close. We’re thankful that our son loves Korean food–it will make traveling to Korea someday easier, at least in respect to eating.

I’ve checked out all of the Korean cookbooks our library has, and have developed a couple of favorites. But honestly, I get most of my recipes from the Internet. It’s so simple to do a search for a certain food, and find numerous recipes to choose from. If you’re looking for Korean recipes, I’ve included links to my favorite sites.

In the meantime, we’ll be mixing like crazy and enjoying bi bim bap and mandu. 잘먹겠습니다! (Jal-meok-kket-sseum-ni-da, which is bon appetit in Korean and said before you eat. If you’d like many options for saying the food was good in Korean, check this out.)

Maangchi is a great site. She provides videos of her making the recipes and photos of ingredients so you know what you’re looking for at the Korean market.

Aeri’s Kitchen (Aeri is in South Korea. I’ve just found her site recently so I haven’t used any of her recipes yet, but they look yummy.)

My Korean Kitchen is an older blog. No new recipes have been added since 2007, but there is still a wealth of information on this one.

Eat Your Bap (this one is fairly new so it only has a few recipes)

Korean Cuisine is a blog written by a Korean-American woman who loves to cook.

MiGi’s Kitchen: A Delicious Guide to Korean Homecooking is a site done by a Korean-American couple in California. This is a new find and I can’t wait to try her recipes.

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