A Small Glimpse into a Little Boy’s World

Since this blog only deals with our adoption journey, I thought I’d share a little bit about J’s world, as it is now. After reading this blog, someone recently mentioned that being Korean isn’t going to be our son’s only identity. Let me say that that isn’t our hope or desire at all. I guess it’s might seem that way if you read the blog since the intent of it is to document our adoption journey and what we’re learning as we grow as a multicultural family. So since readers here don’t see the whole J, I thought I’d do a post about this amazing little guy.

J is 3 years old and a bundle of energy. I’ve never seen a child with so much energy. He loves to run, dig in the sand, and play every sport he’s ever heard of.

His favorite things include animals, drawing and painting, reading books, playing music, playing Play-Doh, games, and building with Lincoln Logs. As you can see he has very diverse interests.

He doesn’t get to watch much TV, but right now his viewing obsessions are Pororo (a Korean cartoon we watch via You Tube), Wonder Pets, Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and anything with an animal in it.

Currently, lots of things in his life reflect his mixed heritage. He sings Korean children’s songs, but also enjoys listening to High School Musical, Disney songs, Corbin Bleu, and some Broadway show tunes. He loves bulgogi, jap chae, bee bim bap, and mandu (all Korean dishes), but he loves pizza, burgers and sandwiches just as much. J’s asked us recently when we’re going to take him to Korea and what we’ll do when we go. But he also asks when we’re going back to Disneyland.

His life right now is a mixture of culture. Some Korean; lots American; some Southern (he loves sweet tea, just like his Southern parents); some western (because we live out west). There’s no doubt that J will be American. Growing up in this culture will determine a lot about his thoughts, opinions, and ideas.  But biologically he’s 100 percent Korean and that, too, will dictate certain things about his life.

We don’t know how J will feel about Korea next year or five years from now or 10 years from now. I think I’ve said before that we suspect his interest will ebb and flow as he grows up. Our hope is that when he is grown, his interest will be much what it is now–a love and appreciate of Korean culture and, of course, a love of appreciation of American culture since both countries will have helped shape him.

Just like Tarzan in the Broadway musical, our hope and prayer is that as an adult J will be able to say he’s “proud of ALL that I am… .”

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