Korea’s National Foundation Day

October 3rd is National Foundation Day in Korea. It’s the day the country commemorates the mythical founding of the country. The Korea Society’s lesson titled “Exploring Korea’s Creation Myth” says:

“According to the myth, Tan-gun founded Choson in 2333 BC. Interestingly, historians also use that date as the beginning of the nation. However, the first people to settle in the Korean peninsula were probably from the Ural Altaic region.”

One actitivity you could use to commemorate the day would be to use the lesson mentioned above. It includes a script so students can act out the foundation myth.

Or you could read the story the foundation myth with your kids. Here is a great site that tells the story of Tan-gun.

You may also want to talk about the actual founding of Korea. Children’s Press (a publishing arm of Scholastic) has released a new series of books called Enchantment of the World, Second Series. This series includes updated books (copyright 2008) on both South Korea and North Korea by Patricia K. Kummer. They are great resources that not only include the ancient history of the country but also recent history, culture, daily life, and more. We found both of them at our local library. Or you can purchase them from Scholastic’s Web site or from Amazon.com.

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