Everything That I Am

My husband and I love Broadway musicals. In June 2006 while we were waiting for our son to come home, we took a trip to New York City and saw several musicals. We’d been debating about seeing Tarzan: The Broadway Musical. We’d loved other Disney musicals but this one had received mixed reviews when it had opened the month before. In the end we decided to see and what a mistake it would have been for us to skip that one.

If you’ve seen the Disney movie Tarzan, then you know the premise of the show. But the Broadway version takes the adoption message further. It’s so touching to see Tarzan struggle with not looking like his family, not feeling like he fits, yet coming through the struggle by figuring out exactly who he is. I don’t consider myself an emotional person (although motherhood has made me more emotional than I’ve ever been), but as I sat in the theater watching this show, I teared up. Even now there are times when both my husband and I are listening to the show’s soundtrack that we’ll tear up.

One of our favorite songs, and favorite moments in the show, is the song “Everything That I Am.” Tarzan has just learned of his first family and is struggling to reconcile his past with this current family and where he fits into it all. The lyrics to the song are below, and it’s available at iTunes.

Sadly the show closed on Broadway. But it’s coming back next year at various musical theaters across the country. To see if it’s coming near you, check out this link. We highly recommend the show for all adoptive families and hope to take our son to see it next summer.

“Everything That I Am”
Is this my past here before me
Is this my story unfolding?
It’s all here to discover
Everything that I am
Can this be what I’ve been seeking?
All my life I’ve been waiting for this
And now these memories
Will they make me see more?

Ooh I want to know where I belong
I want to know where I came from
I want to know the reason why I’m here
The way I am
Feeling the things I feel

Is this my family?
Can it really be them that I see?
My father and mother
And in their arms can it really be me
All these emotions
I can barely control
Cause the family I had
Is not the family I know?

Ooh and I got to know where I belong
I got to know where I came from
I got to know the reason why I’m here
The way I am
Feeling the things I feel

These spirits calling me
Familiar voices haunting
Disappearing taunting me
This is the choice I must make

Cause I know where I belong
I know where I, I came from
I know the reason why
I must decide
And leave here
The man I am inside

The future is clear for me to see
To be the man I’m meant to be
Like my father with my head up high
Standing tall
And proud of all
That I am

I’m a man!

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