September 11

For our nation today is a day of rememberance. For most Americans many sad memories are associated with day. The same is true for my husband and myself. However, two years ago a good memory also became associated with this date. It’s the day we left for Korea to pick up our amazing son.

Many people were surprised that we would travel on Sept. 11. But when our travel call came on Sept. 5 and we were told we couldn’t leave right away because our Korean social worker was on vacation, we decided we we would leave as soon as we could regardless of the date. We got to the Denver airport around 6 a.m. that Monday. Our check-in process was halted while the United staff participated in a moment of silence to mark the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center five years ago.

Since it was the fifth anniversary the newspapers had special sections and all of the news stations had extensive coverage of the memorials that year. We watched while we waited to board our plane to Los Angeles. For us it was amazing to think about how our lives were about to change, and how five years ago we couldn’t have imagined the trip we were now embarking on. Even a year before my husband would have told you that he never wanted to leave the country, especially to travel to a place where English wasn’t the first language spoke.

All we can say is that God really worked in our lives. For eight years we had prayed asking God to reveal His plan for us. We weren’t sure we were cut out to be parents and just wanted God to guide us through this major decision. He answered those prayers by leading us to our son.

In that last two years, we’ve changed a lot. Our hearts are different, our mindsets are different, our view of the world is different. Now we’re a family longing to live in Korea and praying again that God will guide us so we see his plan for our family.

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