It’s a Small World after All

Yesterday my 2-year-old was singing “It’s a Small World After All” (the title, by the way, are the only lyrics from the song that he knows) as we were driving through town. While the song was written in 1964 for an exhibit at the World’s Fair, I think they’re more applicable today.

With the popularity of the Internet, YouTube, Amazon, and NetFlix, the world is a much smaller place. You can learn about holidays and customs in other countries through a simple Google search. Or you can learn the words to Korean songs by watching YouTube videos. And if you’re so inclined you can watching foreign films from the vast offerings of Netflix. Our family’s done all of the above.

(Sometimes you get more culture than you bargained for. For example, last night we watched the Korean film “Please Teach Me English.” We, of course, were reading the subtitles but knowing a little Korean we pick up words here and there. Except last night we weren’t recognizing anything. Finally with only a couple of minutes left in the movie, we realized that the language was set to the Cantonese dubbing. So we watched a Korean film listening to the Cantonese soundtrack with English subtitles. Ooy!)

Intercountry adoptive families of the past were often limited in their resources by geography—where you lived dictated how much diversity or birth culture you had access too. But that’s really not the case now. Even if families live in an area without face-to-face access to the birth culture, the Internet can provide lots of indirect access.

There’s really no excuse for not giving our kids some exposure to their birth culture. The resources are there for the taking. All it takes is time.

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It’s a Small World After All

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